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Tue, Aug. 16th, 2005, 03:36 pm
lamesburg: Introduction


You must like movies right? Would you like to make movies too? Well I would.

That is what Aegri Somnia Vana (ASV) is here for. I am hoping to begin a team of people with a passion for film who would like to actually make a film with me.

If you can: Act, Write, Edit, Direct, or would like to, or just have some cool ideas you would like to see on a screen, post post post! Hopefully you are available to meet up in the Long Beach area; if not, you are welcome to stay and chat about upcoming films, show us your films, or discuss your views or problems with filming.

The projects I have in mind are short and long film, of all possible genres without a budget, sketch comedy, and documentaries. Of course, new ideas, your ideas, and ideas in general are very welcome here.

About me; I am an aspiring filmmaker, 18, just beginning college. The road to a film career is a long journey, but you can't make films with only one person. I like the idea of starting up a team of people that function as both cast and crew who can all get together and be creative, and hopefully produce something we can be proud of while gaining valuable film experience. Also, who wants to go to school and work and nothing else? I figure it is a worthwhile expenditure of energy.

By the way, Aegri Somnia Vana is latin for "A Sick Man's Empty Dreams."

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