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Aegri Somnia Vana

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Aegri Somnia Vana - Film Production Team
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This is a community for people who want to make films or have an interest in filmmaking. The goal is to get a group of enthusiastic people in my area together who have a real passion for film, and try to make one. In between hopefully some socialization with creative people.

People who wish to act, direct, write, produce, edit or otherwise crew a short or long film of any genre is completely welcome. What I am hoping for is people in the Long Beach California area, but if not you are welcome to stay.

Main Goal: To man Aegri Somnia Vana with actors, producers, comedians, musicians, writers and friends and turn it into a functioning production team, to make short films, long films, sketches, sketch comedy, documentaries, hell even pornography but only if we need to make some money.

Even if you have never done any of this stuff before, who cares, we want you anyway.